Forever Original was created by Latravia Shelton, also known as Lay Precious Marie. Forever Original specializes in graphic design, digital art, website design, and photography. We turn your imagination or original ideas into an artistic concept that represents YOU. We’re are driven to unleash the most expressive, high-quality, powerful project that would make a huge impact on YOU & YOUR BUSINESS. It’s time for us to help your originality rise.

Latravia Shelton, also known as Lay Precious Marie,  is a graphic designer, photographer, and fashion reseller. She’s been designing and taking pictures for 10 years. Latravia has unlocked a specific skill that enables her to combine all elements of art together to create powerful messages through graphic designing, fashion, and photography. She also have a personal website called Belayourself, which means to “be yourself” and “love and accept you.”